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Classic Scally company was founded because true Scally cap enthusiasts love their hats! We need to enjoy the fit, style, and authentication that only comes with a true #classicscally

Your heritage, tradition & personality as well as a little fun all come together when sporting a classic scally cap!

“Love your hats!”

Whatever your lifestyle, whatever your taste in attire, you can never go wrong with a true classic Scally.

There’s so many Scally caps to choose from we wanted you to come to a company that wears Scally caps, knows Scally caps, and lives the Scally cap lifestyle. I’m a hat guy! Are you? Are you a hat girl? If you’re a hat person, grab a classic scally and “love your hats!”

Home of #thecauseway, #theoriginal6, #therockport, #theraider and and #TheAnthem!

#classicscally “Love your hats!”