The Original 6

Brought to you by Dave Russo and the Classic Scally Company™


by Classic Scally Company™

This classic style newsboy 6 panel Wool/Poly herringbone grey Scala is the original #classicscally.

If you’re from New England you know who the original 6 are! Boston, Montreal, New York, Chicago, Detroit, and Toronto. This classic winter scally goes great with all of your winter attire for tailgating and travel! #theoriginal6

I fell in love with this 6 panel style in ‘06! A quick story: In 2005, I was cast to be on the E! TV series” The Entertainer” in Las Vegas. During the series I branded myself by alway wearing a scally cap. In fact, The majority of my photos from 2006 on are of me wearing some type of classic style ScallyCap! The O6 is a classic and is what started it all!

#theoriginal6 #classicscally

Love your hats,

David J. Russo

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